We’re best know as Tong Garden, but our family also includes the Noi and Sungift brands. Together, we’re here to provide you with great-tasting products for years to come.


Tong Garden has been producing and distributing quality nuts and snacks since 1963. With a wide variety products that cater to every budget and taste, Tong Garden’s best-selling nuts have found their way into the homes and hearts of many families and across multiple generations.


NOI joined the Tong Garden family in 1990 with an ambition to venture into snacks and an aim to be ‘No. 1’. While others were producing chips, Noi went for sticks. Today, Noi’s innovative potato sticks and crispy seaweed are much-loved by many.


Sungift joined the Tong Garden family in 2010 to offer healthier snacking options in the form of dried and preserved fruits. Carefully sourced from all over the world, these include mangoes, cranberries, guava and coconut chips. An ideal choice for a wholesome snack, at any time of the day.


Amore started in 2010 and strives to bring you the best selection of biscuits, each baked with love. From healthy Oat Cookies to sinfully delicious Creamy Wafer Rolls, we have something for everybody.


Find the perfect symphony of nutritious and delicious, all in Nutrione. Our tasty concoctions of cereal drinks, baked nuts and seeds mix, and a vast variety of nutritious snacks are carefully made to satisfy everyone’s inner health nut. The road to better health is always a delicious journey with us.