Under Mr James Ong’s leadership and unwavering belief in excellence, Tong Garden continues to grow and expand over the years, reaching greater milestones. Currently, Tong Garden has two plants located in Thailand and Malaysia with a combined land area of 30 acre, employing over 1,000 staff. Tong Garden also has distribution offices in Singapore, Mumbai, Jakarta and Shanghai. We will continue to strive to make every pack of nuts taste the best it can. And to create your favorite snack!

Message from the Chairman

Tong Garden began with our founder Mr. Ong Tong Guan’s passion for greatness and his desire to provide nothing but the best for his customers. The same fire still burns in us today. Even after five decades, our founder’s passion and vision continues to live on in each and every product that we put on the market.

At Tong Garden, we take quality seriously. We have spared no effort to search for the finest ingredients from all over the world. Our products contain nuts from California, Australia and many other countries, all carefully chosen to select only the best. Our ultimate goal is to deliver to our customers the highest quality end products that they have come to expect from us as a first-class industry leader.

We have also never ceased to innovate. Innovation and improvement is part of our DNA. We invest heavily in research and development facilities to produce a wide range of delicious and healthy products that caters to different groups of people. As a result, we have one of the most diversified product lines available in the market. To us, variety is the spice of life, and we will not hesitate to provide to customers the greatest range of products to choose from.

Looking back at what we have accomplished, we are proud to be one of the largest nut and snacks companies in Asia. Our humble beginnings in Singapore has been followed by our expansion to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand, where our biggest manufacturing base is located. We now have more than 1,000 staff members in our family, and our products are enjoyed by millions across 35 different countries. Our journey to remain at the forefront of the industry continues with our expansion into China, Indonesia and India, where we have set up distribution offices to bolster our current network. Yet, despite our growth, Tong Garden remains a family-owned and operated company, whose top priority has always been to continue in the tradition of excellence established by our founding father. Our passion and love for our products is what makes our company different. We accept no compromise on quality, and are committed to bringing only the best to our customers.

We are nuts about our product, and we hope you will be too.


Tong Garden has received numerous certificates and accreditations, reflecting our commitment towards maintaining the best industry practices so as to provide only the best for our customers and for society.

Tong Garden, the household nuts brand, was the overall winner for the SPBA Heritage Brands award, for brands that have been established for more than 25 years.

Chief executive Dhanate Praiser said: “We’re always concerned about our brand because we think our brand is our most valuable property. It’s even more important now, as we face huge competition in the market with new players coming in.

Tong Garden is also the winner of the prestigious Asia Pacific Brands Award which gives recognition to companies who was able to establish a strong presence as well as branding in the Asia Pacific region.

Join Us

Since 1963, Tong Garden has been in the business of distributing and selling of fast moving consumer goods such as nuts and snacks. Our strength lies in our strong marketing and distribution network, which we had established over the last 53 years of business. Over the years, we were able to build an extensive distribution network beyond Singapore into various countries in Southeast Asia. We have offices in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Shanghai and India allowing us to be in the forefront of the market conditions and in direct contact with our consumers.

Our distribution network in most countries include retail customers such as supermarket chains, convenience stores to Foodservice Customers such as hotels, restaurants, ships and airlines.

Elsewhere, we maintain close and reliable relationships with our foreign distributors, broadening our reach to the market. We are confident we will be able to leverage on our existing channels to help push your desired products to greater heights. Work with us today!

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