At Tong Garden Group,
We are united by one belief.
We believe that each of our brands
Bear one common distinction:

  • A legacy of quality
  • And boldness of taste – an expedition
  • To worlds that have yet to be explored.
  • We believe that when someone opens our snack,
  • They unpack…
  • A world of adventure.


A World of Adventures

We aspire to excite and delight. We envision customers enjoying flavours from around the world: a discovery of textures, scents, colours and tastes – a world of adventures from Tong Garden.


Discover what you love

We help consumers discover adventures they love by offering a variety of premium quality snacks. We accomplish this through our pillars:


We take deep pride in our legacy of excellence. Our name has become synonymous with quality and integrity – trust that has been built over generations. We maintain the world’s best practices not just in food manufacturing, but also in ethical business practices. Our accolades are testament to the decades of dedication to accountability and excellence.


From our suppliers, distributors to our more than 1.000 staff – our people are the key pillars that have made our brand withstand the test of time. We will continue to forge enduring relationships on the foundation of trust. Together we will embark on new adventures.


Innovation is in our DNA, it’s in our spirit of adventure as we constantly challenge boundaries and venture outside our comfort zone. We see the world as our lab – that is why even after more than My years, we never stop experimenting and learning to make snacks even better. Our dedicated R&D is always perfecting processes -from earth-friendly packaging to developing exciting flavours for diverse palates.

Brand Promise

Our wide variety of products and flavours transforms snacking into an exciting experience for customers to discover and fall in love with.